December 2, 2023
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5 Jars Jewish secret wealth

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5 Jars Jewish secret wealth

successful entrepreneur have  mastered the art of discipline in their health, work, finances, daily routine, and spiritual life.

this practical idea of the Jewish 5 jars that you may adopt for your finances, and teach your children from young and your mentees.  learn how to live on a budget

Imagine your income (salary, gifts, earnings, etc) is 1,000,000/, you are to apportion it into 5 jars in percentages.

Jar 1: Tithe 10% = 100,000 For all that love God and want to live a blessed life.

Jar 2: Giving 10% = 100,000 For donations, gifts, and contributions to others.

Jar 3: Saving 20% = 200,000 For any plans that you made, whether personal or for your family.

Jar 4: Investment 10% = 100,000 From short-term to long-term business ventures

Jar 5: Expenses 50% = 500,000 This caters for all your spending, from utilities to entertainment and basic needs.

Aim to reduce expenses in favour of the other 4 jars by increasing your income streams.

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